Monday, December 8, 2008

Wheels on a boat

Wheels on a boat, originally uploaded by Skeinfest.

Drawn from the car, 4:40 ferry Seattle to Bainbridge (it's Winslow! why did they change the name of the ferry run?!). I made the red Corvette look like a Gremlin; ha!

Drawn with a Rotring "Art Pen"; I suppose F stands for Fine. I liked it fine for drawing. Colors added later with NeoColor crayons, followed by a bit of water on a paintbrush: the ink that came in cartridges with the pen is not waterproof, it turns out.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Shaftesbury Sunset

Shaftesbury Sunset, originally uploaded by Skeinfest.

What a sky! Dorset November sunset from Tim's mum's house.

Dorset: farm and the cherry tree

The farm and the cherry tree, originally uploaded by Skeinfest.

More or less the same view (this time, through a window with a camera) that I drew last June: the cherry tree in its fall color, and the old old farm.