Saturday, October 25, 2008

Market Pillars: Seattle Sketchcrawl

I went into the Market and drew the pillars. And of course flowers. I bought a bunch of flowers and came back outside to "color in" my drawing. Most fun part, next to looking down and seeing the tile with my old next-door neighbor's name on it!

Afterwards I went to S'Abadeb: The Gifts -- the just-opened exhibit of Salish (Puget Sound area) art at the Seattle Art Museum. Old and NEW: Marvin Oliver's raven print (which I had only seen in a greeting-card size reproduction), and carvings by Susan Point, and some modern bentwood cedar boxes with polychrome carving (Andrea Wilbur-Sigo: stupendous. And some of the oldest pieces I've ever seen; cedar and wool and other organic materials tend not to last long in this climate, but there were a few very ancient carved pieces and even a fragment of woven cedar-bark hat. I will go back.

The exhibit is on until January. Anyone who lives here should find out about the incredibly sophisticated art that has been made in this region before "europeans" arrived. To my mind, this art should be the permanent centerpiece of the Seattle Art Museum.

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